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Saddle Up & Ride Out those Cravings

8 Apr

Do you ever wish you were “normal”? This morning as I drove to work, I was overcome with a huge sense of sadness, and if I’m honest, self-pity. I thought: “Why can’t I be like a normal person? Why can’t I have a ‘normal’, healthy relationship with food?”

After I finished my dinner last night that dreaded craving for chocolate descended upon me. Only other binge-eaters can really understand the overwhelming, thought-encompassing nature of a binge- craving. It is truly torturous. Continue reading


Track Your Feelings, Not Your Food

1 Apr

I reluctantly agreed to keep a food diary, when my therapist suggested it during our first session recently. Before beginning my journey into intuitive eating, I had been tracking and logging every morsel of food and drink that passed my lips with rigid determination. By controlling my weight, I was trying to control my feelings. Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Work it Out Alone…

29 Mar

In recent weeks, I have come along leaps and bounds in tackling my distressed relationship with food. However, I do feel that self- help books and the Internet community can only bring me so far. Last week, (after my three day binge) I decided that I would need a little helping hand with my recovery.  So I began researching therapists in my area that specialise in eating disorders, and after finding an affordable one, I made an appointment. Continue reading

Craving Excessive Helpings?… Help Yourself Heal

24 Mar

I first learned about (and realised that I displayed symptoms of) Binge Eating Disorder on the Internet. Upon further research, I discovered that there is a wealth of information and support within the online community for people suffering with disordered eating. There are numerous forums and websites on the worldwide web, where one can obtain great advice while on the path to recovery.

Without the Internet, I would never have decided to try to tackle my own food demons. But, be warned that there is also a lot of misinformation floating around in cyberspace, so be sure to check that your sources are reputable before absorbing any “facts”.

Continue reading