Saddle Up & Ride Out those Cravings

8 Apr

Do you ever wish you were “normal”? This morning as I drove to work, I was overcome with a huge sense of sadness, and if I’m honest, self-pity. I thought: “Why can’t I be like a normal person? Why can’t I have a ‘normal’, healthy relationship with food?”

After I finished my dinner last night that dreaded craving for chocolate descended upon me. Only other binge-eaters can really understand the overwhelming, thought-encompassing nature of a binge- craving. It is truly torturous.

I thought about the sweet, luxurious, creamy texture of the chocolate in the kitchen. I imagined it sliding down my throat. I thought about how good the chocolate would taste and how euphoric it would make me feel… And then I reasoned with myself: I wasn’t physically hungry, so eating would be an emotional exercise. I told myself that the chocolate was likely to trigger a binge, and I reminded myself of the horrible guilty feeling that usually followed a binge… But, maybe I’ll just have a small piece… Ugh!

I read somewhere that a craving is like a wave:  It gradually intensifies until the urge becomes unbearable, but if you can ride out the crest, you won’t succumb to it. So, I went for walk in the hope of getting over the worst of it. I walked and walked until the chocolate thoughts waned and eventually disappeared. And when I returned home, I felt relieved and  more relaxed. I had been victorious… this time.

But the wave of my craving had washed me out, leaving me tired and wary. And when I woke up this morning, these residual feelings remained.

For me, binge-urges happen several times a week and they are mentally and emotionally exhausting. But I believe that if I persevere, their frequency will lessen over time and eventually disappear.

Maybe I’m not “normal”, but what is normal? I am unique, and my journey is my own. I know that if I win my war against emotional eating, I will emerge a stronger person.

I find that walking is a great way of overcoming my binge urges. What tricks do you use to overcome yours?


2 Responses to “Saddle Up & Ride Out those Cravings”

  1. She Recovers April 12, 2011 at 1:02 am #

    I find that walking is a great tool for overcoming binge urges. Sometimes, I need to physically remove myself from the food I’m thinking about and clear my head a little. Another tool I use is journaling. If I find I have strong cravings for particular foods or just really want to eat for no reason, I know that’s a sign that something is going on. Writing in my journal helps me to figure out what underlying emotions or feelings are driving me to eat. Usually if I can identify and address the underlying cause, I lose my urge to eat.

    • joyfuljudy April 12, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

      Hi there,

      I thought that this blog would act as a kind of journal for me, but on second thoughts, I might actually begin to keep my own personal, private journal too.

      I’ll want one with a big fat padlock though!

      JJ. x

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