You Don’t Have to Work it Out Alone…

29 Mar

In recent weeks, I have come along leaps and bounds in tackling my distressed relationship with food. However, I do feel that self- help books and the Internet community can only bring me so far. Last week, (after my three day binge) I decided that I would need a little helping hand with my recovery.  So I began researching therapists in my area that specialise in eating disorders, and after finding an affordable one, I made an appointment.

After the date was set, I faced the task of telling the Other Half about it. Although I’ve lived with the OH for years now, and have talked to him before about my sketchy history with disordered eating, he still wasn’t fully aware of how much energy and head-space food actually takes up in my life.  Admitting to him that this problem is serious enough to warrant therapy was extremely difficult for me. Nevertheless, when I did tell him, he was very supportive and kind.

Having completed the first therapy session, I came away feeling hugely optimistic. I felt a strong rapport with the therapist and have a good feeling that we will be able to work well together in the coming months or years…. or however long it takes for me to overcome BED.

Although some people are capable of overcoming their emotional eating problems without the help of a therapist, I know that I will need assistance to explore the deeper reasons behind my emotional eating. Even though last night’s session was intense and upsetting, today I feel confident and I truly believe that I am on my way to finally conquering my food demons. Go me!


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